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Asian Journal Of New Media And Social Innovation (NeMSIn) - Asian University Presidents Forum 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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Asian Journal Of New Media And Social Innovation (NeMSIn)

This journal publishes the works in the area of New Media Communication and Social Innovation, of which the contents is referring to exploring the strategy, concepts, ideas, and the organization of information to fulfil the angles of New Media and Social Innovation. This journal will go beyond the working and education environment, supporting the community development with the mission to support the survival of, as well as to strengthen the community as a whole.

Both disciplines encompass the innovation processes such as the fullyutilization of open sources, methods and techniques for the paradigm including the aspects of social entrepreneurship, public policy, and governance. The content will also cover the platform narrowing the gaps facilitating social innovation beyond the profit making sectors.

NeMSin appreciates the mental creativity efforts, idea liquidity, and the knowledge flexibility which will include the hybrid discipline across the ideas and innovation along with the mass development, oriented by new media and practices beyond organization and knowledge horizon. Thus the combination of these two (New Media and Social Innovation) is promising a strong connection for the sharing of theories and practices for the scholarly world.

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