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Objectives of the AUPF 2013 - Asian University Presidents Forum 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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Objectives of the AUPF 2013

As stated elsewhere, the objectives of the AUPF are as follows:

  • To provide a platform whereby Asian institutions of higher learning can communicate with each other in order to share information, exchange experience and realize common development goals.
  • To increase the involvement and participation of members of the Asian tertiary academic community.
  • To strengthen the bond among the academic institutions of the countries involved as well as to network with each other.

In support of the above, the objectives of the 12th AUPF are :

  • To increase networking among top academicians ad researchers within the region.
  • To elevate the collective strength of Asian universities
  • To foster partnership between higher institutions' centers of learning (HiCOE) in Asia To share best practices in innovative academic and research activities