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Please read this to ensure the effective preparation of your stay here. - Asian University Presidents Forum 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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Pre-Forum Workshops

In line with the 12th AUPF,  pre-forum workshops are proposed. This is so as to leverage the expertise belonging to AUPF universities, and to provide sustainability of the Forum. In the last few years, a similar initiative has been carried out, led by Dongseo University and several others, in the form of the Asian Summer Program (ASP).

The success of the ASP, alongside the appreciation for the need to leverage expertise and to enhance sustainability, has inspired the inception of the pre-forum workshops. It is hoped that the workshops will pave the way for proper ‘Work Clusters’ to be established in the near future.

There are four pre-forum workshops this time, namely on Nanotechnology, Sustainable Campus, Asian University Students' Symposium (AUPF-AUSS), and AUPF - Library Consortia, Resource Sharing and Future Networks.

Availability of Resource Persons

We will arrange for RESOURCE PERSONS to be available for participants to seek simple help with. Most of the Resource Persons will be international students studying in UniMAP.

MoU Signing Among Universities / Institution

As is the tradition of the AUPF, we will facilitate for the MoU signing between your university /institution and another university / institution of your choice. So do take advantage of the networking opportunity that is made available in the course of the Forum. Let us know if you want to sign MoUs with old and new friends you will be meeting during the Forum, and we will make the appropriate space for you to do the signing!

Get to Know Langkawi

Langkawi is one of Malaysia's most beautiful island. As such, you should take advantage of seeing as much of it as possible while here.

We are organizing three different tours while you are in Langkawi, namely :-

  1. Edu-Study Tour - 9th October 2013
  2. Langkawi Island Tour - 10th October 2013
  3. Spouse Program

Awards Won by UniMAP

Here are some of the awards accrued by UniMAP in the last few years.

< Click here to find out more ... >

Basic Greetings in Malay

Let's learn some greetings in Malay. Kindly click here...

Please Bring Your National Costume to Malaysia!!!

We encourage you to bring your NATIONAL COSTUME to be worn during our Gala Dinner on 8th October 2013. For your information, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Perlis will be gracing the event.

The theme of the event will be ASIAN FUSION.

Launching of Journal

The Asian Journal of New Media and Sosial  Innovation will be launched for the first time ever during the opening ceremony of the 12th AUPF.

Kindly click here for more information of the journal.

AUPF - UniMAP Sculpture Garden

To commemorate the AUPF 2013, UniMAP proudly presents our newly designed AUPF - UniMAP Sculpture Garden.

Located in UniMAP’s Pauh Putra Nature Campus, it is strategically built by a lake. Its concept and theme are that of friendship, collaboration and knowledge. Shaped like a diamond, and adorned with the UniMAP logo, the AUPF letters are embossed on its surface. Water fountain, bougainvillea flower plants, and Asian delegation flags embellish the vicinity.

The materials used in the sculpture are cement, tiles, stainless steel, and artificial marble. The marble is in fact a material that makes up one of UniMAP’s research areas. At night, the sculpture stands out beautifully with LED color lights and spot lights flooding the area.