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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) - Asian University Presidents Forum 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • To produce specialised graduate who are technically competent in their respective engineering fields
  • To produce graduates with technical skills and engineering knowledge who are able to apply them in the current engineering demands
  • To produce graduates who are able to extend and expand their knowledge through independent learning and continuing education
  • To contribute to the development of strategic engineering disciplines, in line with the requirements outline in Malaysia's Industrial Master Plan

UniMAP offers Diploma, Degree, Master Degree and PhD education. The medium of instruction used are Malay and English Language. Other than engineering-oriented programmes, UniMAP also offers Business, Social Sciences and Humanities. All courses are taught under the following schools;

  1. School of Electrical System Engineering
  2. School of Mechatronic Engineering
  3. School of Materials Engineering
  4. School of Microelectronic Engineering
  5. School of Manufacturing Engineering
  6. School of Bioprocess Engineering
  7. School of Environmental Engineering
  8. School of Computer and Communication Engineering
  9. School of Business, Innovation and Technopreneurship
  10. School of Communication, Technology and Human Development


Academic development is supported by the following institutes and Centres of Excellence:

  1.  Institute of Engineering Mathematic
  2. Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering
  3. Centre of Excellence for Advanced Sensor Technology
  4. Centre of Excellence for Geoplymer and Green Technology


In addition, there are also other academic supports centres, namely: 

  1. Centre of Industrial Collaboration
  2. Engineering Centre
  3. Centre for Co-Curriculum
  4. Centre for International Affairs
  5. Centre for Information and Communication Technology
  6. Centre for Research and Innovation
  7. Academic Publication Unit
  8. Teaching and Learning Unit