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Transportation - Asian University Presidents Forum 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis
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There are several types of transportation services in Perlis.


There is no direct air service to Perlis. The nearest airport is at Alor Setar.. Students have to fly into Alor Setar from Kuala Lumpur and from there take a taxi to Kangar. The drive takes about 45 minutes

Note: A the Alor Setar Airport, the normal taxi fareto Kangar  is approximately RM 50 per vehicle.


There is a regular daily train service between Kula Lumpur and Padang Besar. The train will stop at the Arau station in Perlis. One will then take a taxi to Kangar. (Arau Train Station,  04 – 986 1225)


There are two main taxi stations in Kangar. The Kangar Taxi Station is located next to Express Bus Station besides the KWSP Building. (Contact No: 04-9777 7066), and the other taxi station is located opposite The Store Shopping Mall (Contact No: 04-976 5375).


There are two bus terminals in Kangar, the local bus terminal and the intercity bus terminal.

The local bus terminal is located at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (next to Store and  Pejabat Pos Besar Kangar). It provides bus services to most of the small towns in Perlis. Such as :-   1. Kaki Bukit – The Mining town near the Dark Cave 2. Padang Besar – Malaysia – Thailand Border town 3. Arau – Perlis Railway station. For Arau, you can take the ‘Kodiang’ bus and as the driver to drop you at the railway station. 4. Kuala Perlis – The jetty to Langkawi Island.

As Perlis is a rather small state, travel distance within the state is short.

Kangar – Alor Setar (56 km) Kangar – Arau (10 km) Kangar – Kuala Perlis (10 km) Kangar – Padang Besar (35 km) Kangar – Wang Kelian (40 km)

The Intercity bus terminal is located at Jalan Bukit Lagi next to the KWSP building.. There are bus services from here to most of the major cities in Malaysia and even to Singapore. Most bus operators have a booth at the station. You can purchase your ticket there. Some of the ticketing counters and destinations served are listed below:-

Ticketing Counter

Contact No


Mara Express

04 – 977 2082

Kuala Lumpur

Eagle Express

019 – 4277 999

Kuala   Lumpur

Etika Express

04 – 977 9590

Kuala   Lumpur

Sani Express

04 – 977 9621

Kuala   Lumpur


04 – 977 3355


Johor Bharu

Kota Bahru

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Terengganu



Shamisha Express

013 – 4377 666

Kuala Lumpur

Swarnabumi Express

011 – 8406 211

Johor Bharu

Kuala Lumpur

InterCity Bus

04 – 977 3355

Kangar – Alor Setar

Alor Setar - Kangar


Ferry to Langkawi

Kuala Perlis, the coastal town in Perlis is the main gateway to the famous resort island Langkawi. You can easily take a ferry from here the island.

Kuala Perlis Jetty (Ferry to Langkawi)

04 – 985 2690